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The Heroin Problem

Why is heroin such a big problem in America today? What has lead to the massive increase in heroin users? Why is this drug so dangerous? It is important that we take a look at the problem, its causes, and its effects, so that we can offer real solutions to the issue.

Heroin is a drug that has been around for decades. It used to be widely used in hospitals, because of the fast pain relief it offers. Today, it is misused in shocking amounts on the street.

What Has Led to the Heroin Epidemic?

Heroin is finding its way into communities across the United States. People, young and old, are finding this drug easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive, and are getting hooked on it.

Experts blame the prescription drug epidemic for the rise in heroin abuse today. Many people became addicted to prescription opiates over the past 15 years, causing a huge demand for the drugs. When the government cracked down on those supplying the drugs, many users were forced to switch to something else, namely heroin. Others chose to switch on their own because they were looking for a better or different kind of high. The result was many people in the past few years have found heroin to offer a better high, to be cheaper, and to be more readily available than prescription painkillers. This is the reason for the heroin problem we have today.

According to the CDC, nearly 75% of opioid addiction disease patients switch to heroin as a cheaper opioid source. 8,200 Americans die annually from heroin overdose.

Our clinicians are adaptive and have a breadth of treatment modalities to effectively treat the needs of each individual client.

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What Makes Heroin So Dangerous?

Heroin is a drug that is derived from the poppy plant, and is typically injected intravenously. It is a natural pain reliever, and also sedates the user and provides a feeling of euphoria. It has many immediate side effects:

Heroin addiction is a disease that must be treated. Recovery involves detox and rehabilitation, and then long term care. We are here to give you the options you need to make an informed decision about your recovery or that of a loved one. Call (888) 969-8755 to learn more today.

Over time and in large amounts, heroin can lead to:

Heroin is not a drug that is easy to quit. Withdrawing from it leaves the addict experiencing restlessness, aches, pains, insomnia, vomiting, diarrhea, and cold flashes. Many people continue to live in this type of addiction, abandoning family, friends, and career because of their need to get high

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Treatment with Dignity and Respect

At California Highlands, we understand the science behind addiction and how it affects people and families:
families like yours and people like you. You are an individual and we know there is much more to you than addiction.
We will treat you as an individual, and help you nurture your own goals and desires for life.
Our goal is to help you get back to where you want to be in life, without the distractions of addiction.

We create individualized treatment programs for everyone who experiences our residential treatment program.
We do not adhere to any religion, and your spiritual and personal beliefs are respected. In fact, we will teach you how to use your own strengths and beliefs to achieve a life beyond your imagination.