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Guide to Nubain: Addiction Potential, Effects, & Withdrawal Info

What is Nubain?

Nubain is a strong synthetic opioid agonist-antagonist analgesic that is used as a sterile solution similar to that of morphine. This injected drug aims to treat severe pain in patients. It belongs to a group of narcotic analgesics or pain medicine. This substance should not be used outside any medical setting or prescription due to its powerful addictive properties found in its chemical composition.

Nubain Addiction

The Nubain injection is known to be habit-forming. Due to its strong addictive possibility, it can be quite dangerous for many people especially those who are prone to become addicted. Whenever this drug is administered to patients, it is usually geared toward those who fit within the categories. Nubain is a potent drug which is injected, and that is recommended never to be used more than prescribed.

Opioids tend to be addictive since they have pain relieving properties. This lowers the number of pain signals the body sends to the brain. Over time, this effect changes the way the brain responds to pain which can be quite dangerous.

People who desire the pleasurable effect from the drug eventually try to take the drug as often as possible. This modifies the brains behavior and can lead to semi-permanent effects.

The symptoms of being addicted to Nubain are felt when someone craves the drug uncontrollably. The opioids create artificial endorphins in the brain which generate the good feeling that natural endorphins do. This is the reason why doctors advise patients to be careful when using Nubain. These addictive properties are easy to get hooked on.

Over time, the body becomes tolerant and will require the user to take higher doses each time to feel the same effects. There is a strong likelihood that an overdose could occur at this point.  This has become an epidemic in the United States and doesn’t seem to slow down. From 1999 to 2017, more than 700,000 people have died from drug overdose, but 68% were caused by opioids. Since 2013, the increase of synthetic opioid abuse has risen significantly and is the cause for alarm among many users of both prescribed and illicit use.

Nubain Side Effects

Nalbuphine injection may cause serious life-threating breathing problems within the first 24 hours of use and after the dose has been increased. There is a slight possibility the drug might cause a coma if used alongside other medications. Nubain can be fatal if the person mixes it with alcohol or other substances that cause drowsiness and slower breathing. For this reason, it’s critical your doctor knows what other medications you take. This is more the case if you take any sort of sedative, muscle relaxer, cough medicine or medication for depression or seizures. This condition is called serotonin syndrome.

Other factors to be aware of is any form of mental illness such as Parkinson’s disease, acute migraine, infections, vomiting or any other form of recurring problems.

Nubain Withdrawal

The withdrawal symptoms from opioids are some of the most powerful. Early symptoms are anxiety, sweating, runny nose, insomnia, muscle pain, and increased tearing. Quitting cold turkey is never an option since it can lead to a relapse. For this reason, professional help is beneficial in getting through withdrawal. If a person has not taken Nubain for several hours, the withdrawal symptoms begin to intensify. New symptoms take effect such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and dilated pupils. Although these symptoms are not life-threatening, they are very strong and uncomfortable. In other cases, people will begin experimenting with other drugs which can make things worse.


The best solution for treating Nubain addiction is to find a medical detox program. Medical detox programs are the first step in the continuum of care of the recovery journey. This first step provides medical supervision while the patient might take different medicines that help prevent the withdrawal phase from being extremely uncomfortable. Opioid withdrawal has some of the worst symptoms out of all drugs.

Other Medical Treatments

As mentioned, detox is the first step towards a balanced and drug-free journey. After the medical detox is done, it’s time for the assigned treatment plan that’ll help the patient work on eliminating bad habits and triggers. This crucial step cannot be obtained in any other setting, outside that of a professional facility. Also, treatment centers usually make it so the patient can engage in daily activities, go to therapy and undergo various procedures that promote well-being and comfort.

If You’re Struggling with Nubain Addiction, We Can Help

Going through addiction alone is never easy. The need for professional help is always needed. If you or somebody you know is in need of addiction treatment, the California Addiction Treatment Center is one of the best options. Our trained medical staff has the skills to treat each individual case. Our facility installations are modern and comfortable for anyone who undergoes treatment.

Contact us today at (833) 917-0368 where our representatives are available 24/7. You can also reach us on our contact page or talk to a specialist live on our chat. Start your journey today and seek the help you deserve.


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