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About California Highlands Addiction Treatment

California Highlands is a luxury treatment center located between the quaint town of Banning and the picturesque San Jacinto Mountains. Here, we work hard to cultivate an atmosphere where clients feel comfortable, safe, and ready to take that first or next step along their recovery journey.

Your personal background and experiences, as well as the severity and length of your addiction, are taken into consideration as we focus on treating the disease of addiction and mental health issues. By using the latest clinical methods and treatments, we can help you can tackle the challenges of your addiction and learn coping skills that will help you maintain stability in your life and achieve lasting recovery.
Our private facility is your home away from home as you focus on overcoming addiction and starting anew. We offer comfortable, furnished rooms, modern living areas, a private chef, and plenty of natural areas that invite you to leave the stress and pressures behind. We invite you to experience the Delphi Difference at California Highlands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does California Highlands Addiction Treatment Offer?

At California Highlands Addiction Treatment, we offer safe medical detoxification and residential inpatient addiction treatment services. When you first stop using a chemically addictive drug, your body will go through a period of withdrawal that can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if you are on your own. The severity of your symptoms depends on the type of drug you are dependent on and several other factors. However, even the most dangerous substances in withdrawal, like alcohol, are significantly safer with medical treatment. Through medical detox, you will be treated by experienced board-approved medical staff members 24 hours per day. You will be treated to ensure your safety and to alleviate your discomfort as much as possible. Detox usually lasts between five and ten days, but your ultimate length of stay will depend on your needs.

We also offer inpatient services and residential treatment for those who no longer need the highest level of care in addiction treatment but still have high-level medical or psychological needs. Inpatient services involve medically monitored or clinically managed treatment, 24 hours per day. High levels of inpatient services will take place in a hospital-like setting but lower levels, like residential services, may be more like apartment living with 24-hour access to care.

What Should I Bring To Treatment?

Detox and inpatient services will take care of most of your day to day needs, but there are a few things that you are responsible for bringing, and there are other items you may want to make your stay more comfortable. Clothing is the most important thing for you to pack. Withdrawal can be uncomfortable, so it’s important to pack plenty of comfortable clothing. Even though California Highlands is in a warm region, you may want pants and a light sweater, especially if AC typically makes you cold. In later levels of care when you are healthy and cleared for physical activity, you may want athletic clothing or swimwear.

In treatment, you won’t be able to have a phone or a device that can connect to the internet. You can bring a phone, but once you arrive, you will need to put it away for safe keeping. However, you can have personal entertainment like books, mp3 players, and handheld games. You will have plenty to do throughout treatment, but having your own music and entertainment can help you relax and feel at home during downtime.

When you start going through the intake process, intake specialists will help make sure you are packed and prepared before you leave. When in doubt about what to pack, just call and ask.

What Should I Expect When I Arrive?

When you first arrive, you will be placed into a level of care that’s appropriate for your needs. You may go through a medical examination, and when you are able, you will sit down with your therapist. Your therapist may assess your needs with a biopsychosocial assessment. This is a questionnaire that takes a look at your possible medical, psychological, and social needs and concerns. Together, you will create a treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs.

Detox will focus on your medical needs and physical healing. However, in addition to medical care, you may also start clinical treatments like psychotherapies in inpatient treatment. Therapies will be tailored to your specific needs, but they can include individual, group, and family therapy. Behavioral therapies are often common in addiction treatment and help you address underlying issues and create relapse prevention strategies.

California Highlands Addiction Treatment Desert Canyon provides quality addiction treatment services to the Southern California area. Located in warm Banning, California, our facility sees year-round sunshine and overlooks desert mountain vistas. Our facility helps to combine both effective substance abuse treatment methods as well as luxurious living facilities. At CHAT, you’ll not only undergo proven effective evidence-based treatment modalities, but you’ll recover in style at our beautiful and modern substance abuse facility.

You’ll be able to enjoy the fabulous Southern California climate as you begin the recovery process, tackling the underlying causes of addiction with our professional and experienced staff.

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