Thomas Sibilia

Vice President of Operations

Thomas Sibilia is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Delphi Behavioral Health Group, where he ensures all facility programs pass state and insurance regulations. Previously working at Recovery Grove, Thomas has worked in more than 10 different treatment centers and has played every role and position involved in the treatment industry. He also received his Certification in Addiction Counseling to help clients throughout their recovery process.
Thomas hopes to set the highest examples for all of Delphi’s treatment facility programs by raising them across the board and surpassing the current standard of the treatment industry held today. His outlook on Delphi’s future remains positive and hopeful. He looks forward to watching the company grow and will continue to help others with substance abuse and mental health treatment.


  • Certified Addictions Counselor
    • Issuing authority Florida Certification Board
    • Credential Identifier Credential ID 4488

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