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Preventing Relapse

You may think that if you can just complete a 30 day rehab program you can be cured of addiction. This is seldom how it actually works, though. An intensive 30 day program is a solid beginning to sobriety, but recovery should not end there. Effective treatment usually requires longer than 30 days to get to a point where you can reliably live without your substance. If you are going through rehab, it is necessary to slowly transition back to you life afterwards, preventing relapse and maintaining the sobriety you have worked so hard to achieve.


There are a variety of ways to maintain sobriety once you have completed a residential treatment program. Once intensive therapy is completed, you should plan to step down to a less structured level of care. This could be an outpatient program, or a less intensive therapy regimen. The goal with after care and a long term program is to allow you to practice what you learned in rehab and continue to receive help and support when you feel vulnerable as you return back home.

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Sober Living

Sober living homes are another option. These are apartments or homes that are designated to be drug and alcohol free. Sometimes the cost is reduced or free for those who have completed residential rehab and are working to get back on their feet again. Being surrounded by others who are focused on sobriety will help you reduce the temptations and triggers to use.

Support Groups

Support groups are another way for you to maintain your sobriety long after the completion of a treatment program. An alumni program or groups like AA are great ways to be surrounded by others who care and can encourage you to stay sober.

You will learn many helpful tools while in rehab that will help you deal with stress, manage triggers, and help you maintain your sobriety. Our therapists will work with you to develop a long term recovery plan, so that when you are finished with residential treatment, you will know how to continue in recovery and not turn back to drugs or alcohol. As you transition out of rehab, make it a priority to practice the skills you learned, and make use of all the great resources we offer to help you stay sober.

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