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Do I Need Treatment?

There are many questions individuals and families ask themselves when they are contemplating getting help for an addiction. Whether you are the person abusing substances or you have a loved one that is, the questions and answers below can help as you consider treatment. Quite simply, if you need to ask if you have a problem, then you do have a problem and you need treatment.

What are the signs my loved one needs help?

If your loved one is using drugs or alcohol, they will begin to show signs sooner or later. The most common and dramatic signs will be a lack of motivation, drop in grades, or change in behavior. Common signs of substance abuse include:

need treatment
signs my loved one needs help

What are the signs I need help?

If you have been using drugs or drinking often, you might have an addiction problem. If you notice one or more of the following is true about you, you need help.

signs I need help
signs I need help

Common Treatment questions