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Why is Fentanyl So Dangerous?

Fentanyl Strength

In spite of all efforts, the opioid epidemic is growing to the point where the powers that be don’t know how to move forward. Some communities are hit harder than others, and local municipalities are collapsing beneath the weight of dozens of overdoses every day and the cost of medical treatment for addiction. Most importantly, […]

Meth Mouth | Exploring the Consequences of Crystal Meth Abuse

meth mouth

Methamphetamine, otherwise known as crystal meth or meth, is a highly addictive substance that stimulates the body. Although dangerous, the drug is sought out due to the immediate activation of the pleasure receptors once it is used. Meth can be used in a number of ways (injection, insufflation, inhalation), but the high is remotely the […]

The Road Less Traveled: Turning to Holistic Therapy for Addiction Treatment

holistic therapy

Currently, there are 23.5 million Americans struggling with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. It equates to approximately one out of every 10 people. Over 120 people die as a result of overdosing every single day, and those numbers continue to rise as the opioid epidemic continues to sweep the United States. With such horrifying statistics […]

Grief in Recovery: 5 Ways to Stay Sober in Tough Times

grief in recovery

Whether you’re sober or not, life will not always be easy. Many people believe that once they leave active addiction behind and begin living a life in recovery, they would no longer be subjected to difficult times. They believe that since they are doing the right thing and avoiding drugs and alcohol, that all the […]

One Breath at a Time: How Meditation in Recovery Can Help You

meditation in recovery

In the world of recovery, we can find ourselves dealing with a lot of stress. Stress is the enemy of the addict or alcoholic in recovery, as stress remains to be one of the leading causes cited for relapse. So, managing stress while in recovery is obviously important. We need to find a healthy way […]

Holistic Addiction Therapies in Treatment

holistic addiction therapies

Recovering from substance abuse and addiction is a personal path filled with twists and turns that are unique to each person’s journey. But for most, healing from addiction requires that they achieve a state of well-being and practice resolve to leave drugs and alcohol alone for good. Fortunately, there are several ways to achieve sobriety. […]

Ideal Diet Plans for Those in Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery diet plans

Substance abuse creates many problems for the addict, including nutritional imbalances and deficiencies that jeopardize one’s health. Incorporating a nourishing eating plan in the early phases of addiction recovery can help improve addicts’ health and redefine their relationship with eating and food as they work toward sobriety. Addiction recovery diet plans are more than about […]

Music Therapy: The Art of Healing Through Sound

music therapy

There are plenty of different types of therapy methods available in the world of addiction treatment and recovery. With so many options currently being exercised by facilities and specialists around the world, how can you possibly isolate what type of therapy may be best for you? There are various holistic methods that have garnered popularity […]

Acupuncture for Addiction Therapy: Does it Work?

acupuncture therapy

Alternative holistic therapies can be incorporated into addiction treatment to help people in recovery get the most out of their programs. Acupuncture, along with holistic treatments like massage therapy, is a therapy that can help people recover from substance abuse. The traditional Chinese Medicine practice now used in Western countries can be traced to China […]

What is Hypnotherapy and Does it Work?

what is hypnotherapy

From Kipling’s Kaa to swinging pendulums, popular culture has been fascinated by the ancient practice of hypnotism for hundreds of years. This pseudoscience survived (and grew) during the enlightenment of the 18th century. It was widely used in the Civil War and later in the wars of the 20th century. Today it’s often associated more […]