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Music In Recovery: Listening with Brand New Ears

music in recovery

  Music Throughout the Ages The creation and deriving of pleasure from music are practices that humans have engaged in since the beginning of time. Across the millennia, the evolution of music can be seen occurring in tandem with that of man. Over the last century, much with its human counterpart, musical evolution has come […]

Toxic Relationships in Recovery

toxic relationships in recovery

Those Still Sick and Suffering in This Room Many people equate toxic relationships to active addiction and using. Typically when we are engaging in dangerous activities like abusing drugs and alcohol, our overall ability to make good decisions is severely impaired. But what about once we get sober? Toxic relationships in recovery are far more […]

Drug Binge: What to do When an Addict Disappears

A drug binge may cause an addict to disappear

After a blissful month of rebuilding your new life with a loved one who’s in recovery, you wake up one day to only find the hope you resurrected has disappeared along with them. As scary as it seems, if you’re a family member of an addict or an addict yourself, then you should be familiar […]

Better Together: Choosing the Right Alumni Group for You

When someone steps out of rehab and into a new life free from the substances that once bound them, they can expect to face some challenges. Maintaining their sobriety could be among them, but there’s comfort in knowing that no one has to do it alone. Alumni groups are one way to ensure support is […]

MBRP: Healing Mind, Body, and Soul with Mindfulness

When you hear the word “mindfulness,” or even about mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP), it might be difficult to understand what that truly means. “Being mindful” seems almost apologetic, but also a form of meditation—so are people humming to themselves I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry as they sit in a quiet room? As is probably […]

How Women Became Affected by Opioid Epidemic

As the government begins to fan the spark for treatment programs, opioid addictions continue to elude these initiatives as studies show just how vast this drug trend is. In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report that correlated the widespread of prescription drugs among women ages 15 to 44. According […]

Today’s Fake Prescription Drugs Weren’t Covered in D.A.R.E.


The news stories about fake prescription drugs on the streets just keep coming. Counterfeit OxyContin is being sold. Fentanyl-laced Xanax knock-offs are making the rounds, and “heroin pills” are being passed off as legit pain medication. This is not what you were told to “just say no” to when you were in school, and even […]

California Highlands to Honor National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month is here! September marks NRM, which means California Highlands, along with the rest of Delphi Behavioral Health Group’s facilities, has some exciting plans for its readers. California Highlands will promote four feature articles about prescription pill addiction, the stigma behind women and drug addiction, and how to be more mindful during treatment […]

7 More Myths about Rehab Treatment You Need to Stop Believing

myths about rehab treatment

Myths about rehab treatment are never-ending because substance abuse and addiction continue to be unexplored by the general public. If people were more aware of the benefits and realities of rehab treatment for drug and alcohol addictions, perhaps there would be a larger turnout in people with substance addictions seeking treatment. As noted in the […]

Preparing for Drug Rehab: What to Pack?

Drug rehabilitation can be scary at first

It’s the night before you check into drug rehabilitation and your mind is being flooded with a rush of emotions. Nervousness and excitement seem to contradict one another, a crisp vision of a sober future no longer seems like a utopia, and your current reality is just moments away from becoming the past. While entering […]