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Music Therapy: The Art of Healing Through Sound

music therapy

There are plenty of different types of therapy methods available in the world of addiction treatment and recovery. With so many options currently being exercised by facilities and specialists around the world, how can you possibly isolate what type of therapy may be best for you? There are various holistic methods that have garnered popularity […]

Acupuncture for Addiction Therapy: Does it Work?

acupuncture therapy

Alternative holistic therapies can be incorporated into addiction treatment to help people in recovery get the most out of their programs. Acupuncture, along with holistic treatments like massage therapy, is a therapy that can help people recover from substance abuse. The traditional Chinese Medicine practice now used in Western countries can be traced to China […]

The 12-Step Program: Step 2 – Belief in a Higher Power

step 2

Many recovering substance abusers join a 12-step program to reaffirm their commitment to their sobriety daily. Incorporating a 12-step approach into an addiction treatment program offers a foundation on which to build a new life and a reminder that no one is alone in his or her effort to leave addiction far behind. What Is […]

What is Hypnotherapy and Does it Work?

what is hypnotherapy

From Kipling’s Kaa to swinging pendulums, popular culture has been fascinated by the ancient practice of hypnotism for hundreds of years. This pseudoscience survived (and grew) during the enlightenment of the 18th century. It was widely used in the Civil War and later in the wars of the 20th century. Today it’s often associated more […]

How SMART Recovery Offers Different Path to Overcoming Addiction

SMART Recovery

The decision to overcome addiction starts with the person who is battling dependence on drugs and/or alcohol. And if the decision to get clean didn’t necessarily start with the person, it certainly will end with him or her making an effort to live clean and sober. Some people will seek out professional substance addiction treatment […]

Memantine HCL: A Deeper Look Into the Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Memantine HCL

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease can be challenging to deal with on a day-to-day basis, for those afflicted as well as for caregivers. Fortunately, there are medications such as Memantine HCL to help combat these symptoms. Alzheimer’s Disease is a brain disease that slowly destroys an individual’s ability to think, learn, and communicate normally. Memantine […]

The Myths and Facts of Designer Drugs

designer drugs

Designer drugs often start as attractive alternatives to controlled substances, created in clandestine labs. It’s usually not long before they are banned but not before making waves in drug culture. The term is heard on the news and in every TV procedural crime drama. Some new designer drug has hit the streets and is wreaking […]

What Is Synthetic Drug Abuse and How Is It Affecting Its Users?

synthetic drug abuse

Where Do Synthetic Drugs Come From? The production of synthetic drugs, also known as designer drugs, requires chemical engineering to mock the effects of controlled substances. What distinguishes these drugs from drugs like heroin or cocaine, is that they are, for the most part, legal. Synthetic drug abuse is becoming a growing issue among teens […]

How to Find an Alcohol Rehab Center

alcohol rehab center

Nearly 30 million Americans are drinking alcohol, and have been drinking more, according to a recent study. With sharp rises seen in the drinking habits among different populations including women, minorities, and senior citizens, more people are possibly struggling with alcohol use disorders. Some of them will seek to get off the roller-coaster ride and […]

Detox Treatment: How to Safely Combat Drug Withdrawal

detox treatment

The Grips of Addiction When an individual enters the grips of addiction, he is physically and mentally dependant on drugs or alcohol. Dependence on the substance leads to an undeniably horrific experience, called withdrawals, which occurs when the person is not under the influence of his substance of choice. In order for an individual to […]