What Are the Risks of At-Home Drug Detox?

For people who are going through a difficult time with addiction, making desperate decisions can result in dire results. Many people in these situations are aware that without detoxing, their issues will never end. In many cases, the thought of going through a professional detox process is intimidating. The thought of cost, medical insurance, shame, and facing their troubles with others is never an easy task. However, taking matters into your own hands, especially when dealing with addiction, has a few alarming things you should be aware of.


What Is Detox?

First, let’s talk about detox. What is it exactly? When someone has been struggling with addiction, toxins stay in the person’s body for quite some time. In the majority of these cases, people’s minds are so attached to the effects of any specific drug that they now need special procedures to ease out the symptoms. The withdrawal process is such a harsh phase that many people opt out of it and continue with their addiction. Detox helps lead the person’s mind and body through recovery.

A professional detox is designed to not only guide a patient to well being using proper medications and medical supervision but also prevent future addiction. The intended goal is always to manage addictive habits and reprogram them. Many medical detox treatments offer addiction therapy and other forms of help to transition into new healthy habits.



Why Would You Want to Self-Detox?

As previously mentioned, many times people fear going into addiction therapy and seeking a professional detox program due to many conflicting thoughts. For starters, many people believe it’s too expensive. Others feel ashamed to admit to their addictions. For many, the act of entering a rehabilitation program means discussing the issues with their families. For these reasons and more, many people attempt to detox from addictive substances at home.

Problems With Self-Detox

The thought of at-home drug detox has a lot of negative things going for it. The first thing is, 99 percent of people who opt to go through home drug detox aren’t medical doctors, and they don’t have medical experience. It’s important to understand that detox procedures often require years of experience and expertise in what can work.

The detox process consists of selecting certain medications that will counteract the feelings of withdrawal. If not treated by a professional, certain medications can actually make the effects worse and cause new symptoms or elevate the existing ones. Doses are also something to keep in mind. Mixing certain medications can lead someone to a dark situation really fast.

At-Home Drug Detox

Mixing potent forms of drugs together can have deadly effects on anyone, especially someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Keeping that in mind, other factors come into play.

Mettling with powerful medications first require subscriptions. Over-the-counter drugs won’t suffice in the detox treatment. So, when a person takes steps and realizes they don’t have sufficient resources to tackle this problem, their odds of relapsing are much higher. Falling back into the state of addiction for a second, third, or more times can lead to higher doses and ultimately an overdose.

Types of Addiction

Various drugs can require detox for people who abuse them. Opioids, benzodiazepines, methamphetamine (meth, crystal meth), cocaine, and alcohol are among them. What most of these drugs have in common is that they all have strong withdrawal symptoms.

Meth and opioids are both found legally and illegally. Cocaine is a strong stimulant that contains unregulated chemicals while alcohol is easily available to most people. Becoming addicted is as simple as consuming any form of addictive depressant or stimulant. Tolerance can develop during a short period of substance use.  

Home Detox You Can Actually Do

While you can’t go directly into a self-induced detox with medication, there are things you can actually consider while aiming to get well. This is always recommended during and after the person has had proper medical attention.


People often overlook the importance of dieting. Eating food that incorporates proper nutrition can make things better. Incorporating vitamins and protein that are vital to the body will ultimately regenerate a person’s faculties.


Believe it or not, many people opt to steer away from water. People have gotten used to obtaining water from energy drinks, coffee, and sodas. Drinking water keeps your body hydrated, pushes away toxins, boosts the immune system, and keeps your brain alert.


Regular exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease by strengthening your heart. This is an important consideration, especially for people who are or have been struggling with alcohol addiction. Apart from the obvious factors, exercising is also a great way to tackle addiction. It gives people a release that can guide them away from substance abuse. Exercising, like jogging or pumping iron, allows people to change their mood and begin considering their own mental and physical health.  


Surrounding yourself with people who care about your well-being will make things better. Managing and dealing with stressful situations such as therapy, addiction, and depression alone can have a bearing.

Medical Detox

Deciding which addiction treatment facility can be tough, but certain things should always be present. Treatment programs can be customized to each case. Options can include outpatient and residential programs, and ongoing therapy. Detoxification with a highly qualified team is exactly what is needed to start one on the road to recovery.

Start Your Detox Journey Today

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