Hemet, California, resides in Riverside County, more specifically in the desert region of Southern California. Hemet is an arid and warm city in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Hemet is only a few hours from the Pacific ocean, and even closer to the mountains. During the winter season, you can ski, surf, and skateboard on the same day.

Although the location sounds like paradise, Hemet is close to the Mexican border and other significant seaports, which makes it vulnerable to drug trafficking. Since Hemet is close to several major ports of entry, drug availability is seemingly unlimited, causing high rates of drug abuse and addiction. The opioid crisis has become a topic of concern for Hemet and surrounding areas.

Are you looking for drug rehab in Hemet? Fortunately, many options are available to you today. Continue reading to learn more about how you can get help.

Hemet Drug Rehab Statistics

California, like the rest of the nation, is dealing with an opioid crisis that shows no signs of letting up. The California Opioid Overdose Surveillance Dashboard described 2,428 opioid overdose deaths in 2018. The numbers go on to show 144 opioid-related deaths in Riverside County stemming from cities like Hemet.

Statistics released show that half of the opioid overdose deaths involved prescription opioids. In Riverside County in 2018, 1,394,794 prescriptions were given, which led to the excess amount being sold and misused.

As the opioid crisis rages on in California and beyond, other drugs of choice have not received the attention they deserve. Methamphetamine and other stimulants have increased in popularity recently, which is causing significant issues statewide.

Most Commonly Abused Substances In Hemet

Due to its legality, alcohol abuse is among the most common reasons why someone will seek rehab. Unfortunately, those who seek treatment for opioids have risen substantially. Opioids are the second most easily accessible illegal drug in the United States behind marijuana. California is a state with legal marijuana making it cheap and readily available, while heroin is easy to find because of the border with Mexico.

Since 2017, there has been a surge in amphetamine-related drugs, which has caused 232 deaths. Other common drugs in Hemet include:

  • Prescription opioids
  • Cocaine
  • MDMA (Molly)
  • Psychedelics
  • Prescription stimulants
  • Benzodiazepines

California’s Drug Rehab History And Rankings

Due to lax laws in California, a massive spike in drug addiction occurred in recent years. The opioid crisis has hit Southern California, especially hard; however, the state has implemented an Overdose Prevention Initiative geared toward providing care and decreasing the number of overdoses that occur around the state.

Quick Treatment Facts

Addiction is a chronic disease that requires treatment to overcome. It typically develops after a long period of prescription abuse or long-term drug abuse. Over time, addiction will worsen, and it can be fatal if not addressed in an effective manner.

Due to the complexities of addiction, treating the condition is a complex process that should address underlying issues and addiction itself. Everyone who comes to addiction treatment face unique issues, which means treatment should be customized around their specific needs. It must address biomedical matters, health problems, and other social issues.

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