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California Highlands to Honor National Recovery Month

CH bannerNational Recovery Month is here! September marks NRM, which means California Highlands, along with the rest of Delphi Behavioral Health Group’s facilities, has some exciting plans for its readers.

California Highlands will promote four feature articles about prescription pill addiction, the stigma behind women and drug addiction, and how to be more mindful during treatment and recovery.

National Recovery Month is an annual national observance that is aimed at spreading awareness about the recovery community. Delphi Behavioral Health Group shares the same goal and hopes to educate its readers about the common misconceptions and struggles faced by those who are in recovery.

Stay tuned for our feature articles. Below, you will find the schedule and updates about the articles throughout the month:

Sept. 7: “Today’s Fake Prescription Drugs Weren’t Covered in D.A.R.E.

Sept. 14: “How Women Became Affected by the Opioid Epidemic”

Sept. 20: “Mindfulness: Healing Mind, Body, and Soul”

Sept. 26: “Strength in Numbers: How to Choose the Right Alumni Group for You”

Check out the rest of Delphi’s Facilities During Recovery Month

Each of Delphi’s facilities plans to promote unique content garnered toward National Recovery Month. Whether it’s a series, featured article, or resource page, our individual treatment facilities will have a variety of unique content to engage their readers.

Remember to check back throughout the month for more updates and the opportunity of a lifetime that will be presented by Delphi.

Check out our tentative schedule below:

Ocean Breeze Recovery

Featured Articles:

Sept. 7: “Heroin: Overdose Spikes Cause National Concern”

Sept. 13: “Drogadictos: The Reality of Hispanic and Latino Addiction”

Sept. 21: “Learn to Embrace, Flaunt ‘Sober Body’”

Sept. 27: “How to Continue Your Education After Rehab”

Pathway to Hope

Featured Articles:

Sept. 9: “How Drinking Culture is Killing America”

Sept. 16: “Are Black Trans Women Faced with ‘Injustice at Every Turn’?”

Sept. 21: “Dual Diagnosis: What’s the Root of Addiction?”

Sept. 28: “7 Programs, Hobbies to Join While in Recovery”

Elevate Recovery Center

Featured Series: Youth Relapse

This three-part series on Elevate will examine how things, such as school, holidays, and toxic relationships, affect the high rate of relapse among teenagers in recovery.

The series will be posted every Friday starting the second week of September.

Community Rehab

Featured Series: Celebrity Recovery

Community Rehab will be presenting this four-part series, which will spotlight different celebrities who are in recovery each week. From celebrities such as Fergie to high-fashion designer Marc Jacobs, these stories will dissect how stardom and fame can be the premise for drug and alcohol addiction.

The series will be posted every Friday in September.

Check out Community Rehab’s site for more details.

Palm Beach Institute

Featured article and series: Sex, Drugs, and Ozzy

PBI will present a feature article about the common drug, cocaine, and a weekly series that will highlight Ozzy Osbourne’s sex addiction, along with other addictions that senior citizens struggle with.

The Ozzy Osbourne series will be posted every Tuesday of the month, and the feature article will be published on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

Sept 6: “Sex, Drugs, and Ozzy: Older Adults Are Struggling with Addiction


Stay Tuned for Delphi’s Inspiring Wellness Scholarship


We are pleased to announce our “Inspiring Wellness Scholarship” in honor of National Recovery Month.

One fortunate person who is currently struggling with a drug addiction will have the chance of a lifetime by having their 90-day treatment funded by Delphi.

To have a chance at winning the scholarship, contestants will have to write an 800- to 1,000 word essay based on the guidelines in the scholarship flyer.

The winner will be announced at the end of the month. For more information about the rules and guidelines of the scholarship, check out the link to Dephi’s website below. You can also submit your essay on the scholarship page of the website.

Check Back on California Highlands for More Updates

California Highlands is eager to roll out its new National Recovery Month campaign. Our facility’s main goal is always to provide a safe and comforting place for our clients. If you, or a loved one, are struggling with an addiction, call our specialists today for more information about treatment. Call (844)-318-0074 and start your road to recovery today!