Alcohol consumption nationwide is a collective act that many indulge in for social or other reasons. By college, likely, most people have at least experimented with the drug, while others have started drinking regularly. Consuming alcohol is dangerous, but doing so in your developmental years can be extremely risky.

The west coast city of Redlands, California, is located in the Inland Empire in San Bernardino County. The population has steadily increased in the past few years due to residents escaping the high prices of Los Angeles, but it has caused problems like drugs and drinking.

Many people come to California for its beaches, mountains, lakes, and all-night parties. Los Angeles is a stone throw away from Los Angeles, and many that run in younger circles frequent bars or nightclubs. Unfortunately, alcohol use and drugs are prevalent in this scene, which has led to many individuals struggling with alcohol use disorder (AUD).

The alcohol market in California is massive, and nearly 14 billion drinks are consumed statewide each year. Alcohol abuse and dependency rates remain steady, around 7.3 percent in the state, which is much higher than the national average. These numbers indicate the need for alcohol rehab in Redlands, California, to combat the widespread issue in the area.

Redlands, CA Alcohol Rehab Statistics

According to statistics released by the San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health, 75 percent of individuals interviewed feel that binge drinking is dangerous. In comparison, another 25 percent believe that it is not a dangerous practice. The statistics show that in 2013, county treatment facility admissions rose 10 percent, which led to 29 percent in admissions for alcohol abuse.

Alcohol consumption is linked to 88,000 deaths each year in the United States, which is one in 10 working-age adults. Drinking is expensive and costs the economy $249 billion annually. Alcohol rehab in Redlands, California, is crucial, and if you’re struggling with alcohol use disorder, you must get the help you need.

Even those who don’t consider themselves as regular drinkers can experience dangers relating to alcohol. If you only go out and use alcohol once a month, those who binge drink could experience deadly outcomes. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers binge drinking as four or more drinks for women in two hours, and five or more drinks for men in two hours. It can lead to poor decision making, DUIs, and alcohol poisoning.

Benefits Of Alcohol Rehab In Redlands, CA

Attending alcohol rehab in Redlands, CA, will present various opportunities to those who enter treatment. The most important of these is the level of care they’ll receive – California is held to a high standard and is one of the most progressive states in the nation. Alcohol rehab will change the client’s life for the best. The treatment centers provide the highest level of care and clinicians, who boast many years of experience. You’ll find treatment in the area to be life-changing and give you the courage to grow.

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