Hemet is a beautiful town located in the San Jacinto Valley in southern California. It belongs to the larger Riverside County, which is east of the infamous city of Los Angeles. Hemet resides on the territory of the Soboba People, and it’s known for being the home of The Ramona Pageant, California’s official outdoor play. The play started in 1923 and is the longest-running outdoor play in the United States. It’s a unique experience that has been bringing people together for almost 100 years.

Hemet is a city within proximity of Temecula, which is an area boasting award-winning wineries. Many consider it one of the most beautiful parts of California, and it’s a popular tourist destination. Maybe you’re a full-time resident or someone new to the area seeking alcohol rehab in Hemet. Either way, the region is filled with temptations and may be an excuse for people to fall back into old habits. We’ve all heard that wine offers some health benefits, but it’s hard for someone with an alcohol use disorder (AUD) to drink in moderation.

The statistics show that Riverside County is rife with alcohol use. An estimated 7.3 percent of California residents are dependent on the drug, according to a Behavioral Health Barometer released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services. Alcohol is one of the most accepted drugs in the world, and in most cultures, it’s embraced and used to celebrate. The question we must ask ourselves – how much is too much?

If you feel that your drinking is spiraling out of control and you’re ready to look for alcohol rehab in Hemet, our website is here to provide accurate statistics and answers to your questions. Continue reading for more.

Hemet Alcohol Rehab Statistics

Hemet and surrounding Riverside County are struggling with addiction and the problems that stem from the condition. A thorough study released by HealthData.org shows that 25.8 percent of men and 12.9 percent of women were diagnosed with cirrhosis or other chronic liver diseases, which are repercussions of drinking alcohol. Another 23.7 percent of men and 9.9 percent of women admitted to binge drinking frequently, while another 7.1 percent of women and 20.2 percent of men were actively dealing with addiction.

You may consider yourself a casual drinker who only partakes on the weekends or special occasions. Unfortunately, binge drinking can be just as dangerous as someone in active addiction. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines it as four or more drinks consumed by women, and five or more drinks consumed by men within two hours. Binge drinking may lead to DUIs, poor decision making, jail, or deadly accidents.

You don’t have to be addicted to alcohol to experience adverse effects, and numbers released in 2014 showed that 31 percent of all driving fatalities were fueled by alcohol.

Benefits Of Alcohol Rehab In Hemet

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late for you to get the help you need and restore any shortcomings in your life. Alcohol rehab in Hemet could be the difference between life and death. If you find alcohol draining your bank accounts, destroying relationships, or causing any health-related issues as we discussed above, it should be your sign to immediately get help.

Upon entry to a treatment program, you’ll be assessed by medical professionals that determine what course of action will work best. They may provide you with medication to overcome symptoms of withdrawal or combat depression that could occur. Once you’re stabilized and moved to the next level of care, you will take part in activities and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) designed to change how you think and react to cravings and temptations.

Alcohol rehab immediately puts you on the path toward a better life. If you are interested or have more questions, reach out to medical experts for guidance today.

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