Here at California Highlands Addiction Treatment, our treatment is personalized for you as an individual. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will have a say in your treatment. We offer unique programs and give you the ability to collaborate with us on your individualized treatment plan. Together, we will decide which therapies and techniques are right for you based on your history, your preferences, and your goals.

We understand the science behind addiction and how it affects people and families—families like yours and people like you. You are an individual and we know there is much more to you than addiction. We will treat you as an individual, and help you nurture your own goals and desires for life. Our goal is to help you get to where you want to be in life without the distractions of addiction. We create an individualized and unique treatment program for everyone who enters our residential treatment program.

California Highlands Addiction Treatment is dedicated to effectively treat both addiction and mental health issues. We have compassionate and experienced staff using evidenced-based treatments to meet your personal needs. This combination best contributes to lasting recovery. The purpose of California Highlands Addiction Treatment is to put your recovery first, making it a unique and lasting experience. Our program is built on a curriculum that allows you to achieve 30 days of sobriety, explore core issues, and teach lasting tools to cope with addictive and maladaptive behaviors.

How We Help

We have a dedicated team of certified staff members. Our clinicians are adaptive and have a breadth of treatment modalities to effectively treat your individual needs. A variety of proven therapy methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing will help you get to the heart of your addiction or mental health condition, and achieve lasting recovery.

California Highlands is a part of Delphi Behavioral Health Group, which means every person who walks into California Highlands’ doors also becomes part of a greater family than they’ve ever known. Delphi’s facilities are dedicated to treating you personally so that your recovery starts off with a solid foundation of self-confidence, determination, and strength.

California Highlands aims to make a “Delphi Difference” and aims to treat everyone like family–because with a solid support network, you can reach success. When you complete treatment with California Highlands, you also gain access to Delphi’s alumni groups for all our facilities. Delphi’s recovery community is expansive and continues to grow each day as more people choose sobriety in their lives.