California Highlands

Our Treatment program

Our program is residential. If needed, you can detox with us, and start your treatment immediately. After the residential program, you should participate in a long-term care plan. We help you through each step and ensure your program is working – for you.

California Highlands

At California Highlands, we fully understand the science behind addiction and how it affects people and families: families like yours and people like you. You are an individual and we know there is much more to you than addiction. You will be treated as a person who has high aspirations and goals for living a positive and productive life. We will place you on a path where you will accomplish your goals free from a life of addiction.

We specialize in the creation of individualized treatment programs for everyone who enters our residential treatment program. Your personal, spiritual, and religious beliefs are well respected. In fact, we will teach you how to use your own strengths and beliefs to achieve a life you have desired. Because of this, our facility is ranked among the best addiction treatment centers by Addiction Resource.

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